TV Asia Screenings Festival Now Live


World Screen is spotlighting hot properties for Asia TV Forum (ATF) in our third annual TV Asia Screenings Festival. Visit to screen this mix of dramas, docs, formats and kids’ shows. Clicking on each show title below will take you directly to the trailer.

Driven by strong traction across the region, All3Media International expanded its Asia-Pacific team under Executive VP Sabrina Duguet this year. With its office in Singapore, the company has seen tremendous gains across tape sales and formats and arrives at ATF with a mix of titles that speak to the breadth of its catalog. Highlights for the TV Asia Screenings Festival include two shows fronted by beloved chef Gordon Ramsay: Kitchen Nightmares USA, back for an eighth season, and Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars. “Gordon Ramsay is loved all across the globe, and that most certainly includes Asia,” Duguet notes. The company is also showcasing new premium factual such as Secrets of Our Universe with Tim Peake. “Evergreen, well-produced science series are always a success with clients in Asia, and this enlightening series elegantly combines entertainment with education,” Duguet notes. The buzzy game show The Traitors is a key focus on the non-scripted formats front. “With over 20 local versions produced in the last two years, The Traitors is the hottest format in the market right now,” Duguet says. “Its unique blend of reality and psychology will be coming to Asia very soon.” Rounding out the highlights is a second season of Trigger Point.

TV Asahi’s Ossan’s Love, which gained popularity in Japan and other Asian countries, is returning after a years-long hiatus as Ossan’s Love Returns. It follows a love triangle between three men: Haruta, who is in his 30s and desperately seeking true love; Kurosawa, his married boss; and Maki, his handsome colleague and roommate. Hayabusa Fire Brigade is based on the novel by Jun Ikeido. “Viewers were captivated by the unexpected twists and shocking ending,” says Yukie Uwakubo, sales executive for finished content and formats. TV Asahi is also showcasing the romance drama Yuria’s Red String of Fate, based on an award-winning comic. “The story follows ordinary housewife Yuria, who discovers an unexpected side of her husband,” Uwakubo says. “She is confronted with a series of situations she had never imagined, but she’s always tough and cheerful.”

Also looking to benefit from the surging interest in Asian drama across the region is the Philippines’ GMA Network, which arrives at ATF with highlights such as Love Before Sunrise and Royal Blood. The shared themes between the two series of love, family and struggle “transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with people from various parts of the world, making the content relatable and emotionally engaging,” says Roxanne J. Barcelona, VP of the worldwide division at GMA Network. “We want to establish and strengthen relationships with key industry players,” Barcelona says of the company’s goals for ATF this year.

Turkish drama is also proving to be relatable across the Asia Pacific, according to Müge Akar, head of sales at atv Distribution, which will be showcasing series such as the brand-new highlight Safir at ATF. “Turkish dramas are captivating audiences across Asia, gaining popularity in regions like Pakistan, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia,” says Akar. “Known for universal themes, high production quality and cultural resonance, these shows connect with viewers.”

There will also be an abundance of kids’ fare on offer at ATF, including Cyber Group Studios’ Alex Player, an esports series that mirrors the company’s “strong culture of innovation,” says Pauline Bérard, international sales executive, alongside Gigantosaurus. “At this market, we’re highlighting the success of Gigantosaurus, which will come back with a season four in several months,” Bérard notes. “We are truly happy to be back in Singapore to meet our partners. 2024 will be a time for change, and it’s thrilling to meet with our partners and discuss the various opinions about the market evolutions.”

Studio 100 Media is promoting a slate that includes its returning hits Vegesaurs, with season three arriving in 2024, and 100% Wolf. “The overall concept of 100% Wolf underlines that heroes come in many forms, displaying diversity by strength in difference and self-confidence by standing up for what you believe in,” says Vanessa Windhager, sales executive. “Our mission in the kids’ entertainment world is to bring brands to life that are content-driven and entertain kids and families.”

Global launches have started for Pingo Entertainment’s Shasha & Milo, and the company is looking to meet with buyers and partners from Japan and Southeast Asia for the show. The series centers on shape-shifting guardians—with the power to transform between human, cat and a formidable hybrid form—tasked with preventing dark magic from taking over their home.

Among the wealth of buyers descending on the Marina Bay Sands will be Rewind Networks, which now operates three channels across the Asia Pacific. HITS brings timeless classics back to television. On HITS MOVIES, the focus is on iconic blockbusters. HITS NOW provides current content. “Each of our channels has been carefully curated to meet the diverse tastes of the Asian audience,” says Sandie Lee, executive VP. “Our content offerings have consistently stayed true to the brand proposition of ‘The Best TV, Movies and Newest TV Hits—All in One Place.’ Our channels showcase only the best shows—classic, popular and current—anytime and every time you tune in.”

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