Tubi Study Tracks Growing Demand for AVOD Services


On the heels of strong viewership gains, Tubi has released a new study that shows American consumers’ increasing preference for free ad-supported streaming, particularly among Gen Z and millennial audiences.

The AVOD and FAST channel platform reported a 59 percent year-on-year growth in total viewing time in 2023, reaching more than 8.5 million streamed hours. Partnering with The Harris Poll, Tubi has released The Stream 2024: Streaming Insights for Marketers, analyzing demographic and usage trends among American online viewers.

“Viewers love Tubi because we provide frictionless access to a massive library of content where they can experience the thrill of discovering entertainment they can’t find anywhere else,” said Cynthia Clevenger, senior VP of B2B marketing at Tubi. “Tubi’s growth reflects a broader consumer shift towards ad-supported streaming, and understanding next-gen audiences is critical for us to create a differentiated streaming experience. We’re proud to extend these insights to marketers, sharing how to best connect with Gen Z and millennials.”

Per the study, 56 percent of viewers stream one to three hours of content in one sitting, with 40 percent streaming more than three hours at a time. Consumers are using an average of four different services. Heavy streamers, accessing 15-plus hours weekly, are using about 5 services. The average spend on streaming and TV packages monthly is $120. Tubi found that 53 percent of Gen Z and millennials believe they’re overspending on streaming, with 71 percent canceling due to tiered memberships that force them to pay more to access certain content.

The study also indicates that 58 percent of viewers would rather watch ads while streaming to save money, and 62 percent prefer free streaming to paid. Plus, 58 percent of viewers would rather have a free account to themselves than a paid subscription they have to share.

Tubi’s survey also found that Gen Z and millennial audiences are seeking diverse, original content from independent creators, with 74 percent preferring originals to franchises and 74 percent wanting diversity and representation on-screen. Plus, 71 percent want to see more TV shows and movies on streaming that are independent or from smaller creators.

Audiences are also seeking out nostalgic content, with almost all viewers streaming shows that are more than ten years old. And sports is redefining streaming, especially among Gen Z audiences; 68 percent want live sports or sports programming on streaming, and 42 percent dedicate three or more hours each week to live sports streaming.