France Télévisions Picks Up About Antoine


Amuz Distribution’s About Antoine, about a family’s life with a poly-handicapped child, has been acquired by France Télévisions.

The series follows the family as they triumph over limitations together. France Télévisions is set to air the title this spring as part of its observance of World Autism Awareness Day, which occurs on April 2 this year.

About Antoine was produced by Amuz Distribution’s parent company, ComediHa! Productions.

Alex Avon, VP of global distribution at Amuz, stated: “Amuz Distribution is thrilled that our partner France Télévisions will share our multi-award-winning series About Antoine with their viewers. This heartfelt show is sure to be loved by French audiences as it has been in Canada. We’d also like to congratulate Edouard-B Larocque on his recent nomination for a Young Artists Academy award.”

Catherine Gaucher, manager of international fictions co-productions and acquisitions at France Télévisions, said: “As every year, as part of World Autism Awareness Day, France Télévisions Group is mobilizing and is committed to highlighting this neurodevelopmental disorder, still too little known, which would affect nearly one in 100 people. On this occasion, France Télévisions offers a special program to sensitize the general public to issues around autism, including the broadcast on of the multi-award-winning series About Antoine, which deals with this subject with sincerity, accuracy but also with humor.”