MIPCOM Spotlight: Amuz Distribution


About Antoine, a story of love and family triumphing over limitations, is on offer from Amuz Distribution.

It is “set to touch the hearts and minds of audiences around the world, sparking the whole spectrum of human emotions,” says Alex Avon, VP of global distribution.

Counter Offer follows a small, family-run real estate agency desperately trying to survive within the unpredictable industry. The dysfunctional, endearing team comes together to support their buyers and sellers as they seek happiness and success within the hectic real estate jungle.

Larry centers on a former undercover police officer whose reputation is tarnished by a corruption case. Now a security guard at the age of 62, he is left to navigate a slew of new career and life circumstances.

“Amuz Distribution is beginning to be known for premium comedy and dramedy series that engage and delight viewers across the world,” adds Avon.