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Streamers’ Daily Engagement Slips Amid Market Fragmentation


The latest edition of NPAW’s Video Streaming Industry Report reveals that daily consumption on individual streaming services continues to slip as consumers find themselves using an increasing number of platforms to access content.

Average daily consumption per user and service on VOD platforms fell 12 percent to 47.62 minutes, with the number of titles viewed falling by 7 percent to 2.76. The sharpest decrease was in the Middle East, with daily consumption per user down 21 percent, with Asia at 11 percent, Europe at 6 percent and North America at 4 percent.

The declines were steeper for linear, with daily usage falling 23 percent to 37 minutes and the number of titles watched falling by 11 percent to 1.6.

The research also indicates that sports coverage can provide a significant boost to engagement figures, as seen by last year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Providers with streaming rights to the tournament reported an 80 percent increase in the total number of plays and 83 percent higher total playtime when compared with the previous six months.

“With competition growing fiercer by the minute, it’s business-critical for streaming services to provide the right content and a superior streaming experience if they want to attract and retain users and maintain growth,” said Ferran G. Vilaró, CEO and co-founder of NPAW. “To do so, they need to leverage their platforms’ data to the fullest extent, implementing advanced analytics solutions that combine technical performance monitoring and user journey insights.”

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