RX France Unveils MIP LONDON


MIPTV will end its run in Cannes after this April’s edition, with RX France confirming the launch of MIP LONDON, set to run concurrently with the London TV Screenings from February 24 to 27.

The inaugural MIP LONDON is being positioned as a “complementary” event to the London TV Screenings. It kicks off with a pre-opening on Sunday, February 23, and will take place at the Savoy Hotel and IET London: Savoy Place.

RX France says the multi-genre event will deliver “versatile meeting and screening solutions” and a “comprehensive invitation program” giving free access to qualified buyers.

“The creation of MIP LONDON is a direct result of clear and evidenced market factors.” said Lucy Smith, entertainment division director at RX France. “There is a continued appetite for a global content market in the first half of the year. MIP LONDON will not only alleviate a busy events calendar but will provide an additional entry point for international companies to gather in London at the same time.”

Smith continued: “Staging markets that provide clients with the best possible solutions for showcasing their content and facilitating dealmaking is what we do best at MIP and take a huge pride in, as proven over decades in Cannes and, more recently, Cancun. We have consulted with many of those already hosting events in London as well as with international companies looking to do so. Our vision is a market that complements, not competes with, the established screenings program, that provides further options for the widest range of international distributors, studios and buyers to take part and can bring even more business to London in February for the benefit of all. Leading RX France’s first MIP market in London is an opportunity I’m very grateful for.”

The 61st and final edition of MIPTV in Cannes runs April 8 to 10 with 130-plus exhibitors slated to participate. “MIPTV was established in Cannes over six decades ago and is intrinsically linked to the city,” Smith said. “It was never a case of simply relocating it but we have to acknowledge the transformation in the market. MIPTV will bow out in April and we intend to stage a memorable final edition. Following this, all our energies on the Croisette will be focused on MIPCOM CANNES and our mission to deliver the mother of all entertainment markets in partnership with the city.”

MIPCOM CANNES, the flagship global market for the TV industry, will stage its 40th anniversary edition October 21 to 24 in Cannes.