MIPTV Spotlight: Dori Media Group


Dori Media Group’s catalog features an adaptation of Lalola, in which a heartless man is turned into a woman so he will experience how women must navigate the complexities of a society entrenched in machismo.

Indal sees a group of Ethiopian-Israeli youth kidnap the police officer who spoiled their childhood with abuse and murdered their best friend. Their personal revenge scheme turns into a national protest movement. “The series combines globally relevant issues of police violence and multiculturalism with the universal themes of survival, vengeance and redemption,” says Carolina Sabbag, VP of sales for Western Europe, the U.S. and Canada.

In Amia, a Mossad agent whose sister was killed in a terrorist attack in Argentina teams up with a local journalist to find those responsible.

“Dori Media continues its promise to bring good stories to share with the world,” adds Sabbag.