MIPTV Spotlight: GRB Studios


On offer from GRB Studios, Icons Unearthed is premiering its fourth season, this time focusing on the global sensation that is Marvel.

The docuseries comprises eight one-hour episodes.

The company is also presenting 7 Queens: Luck Be a Lady?, a series of specials featuring seven drag queens performing live from the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.

In the arbitration-based reality court show Relative Justice, family squabbles play out in front of Judge Rhonda Wills. “Relative Justice is a wildly entertaining and unique spin on courtroom drama,” says Hud Woodle, executive VP of international sales and operations. “These are not actual court cases, but a real-life judge settles these personal disputes with the insight of a professional litigator.”

Woodle adds, “We are always on the hunt for new programs in need of a distribution partner.”