MIPCOM Spotlight: Merzigo


Merzigo offers services for content monetization on AVOD and FAST platforms, content protection and production.

“We empower you to grow your AVOD business, engage broader audiences and boost revenue,” says Yigit Dogan Celik, chairman and founder. “Our expertise, global reach and commitment to innovation ensure your success.”

Merzigo works closely with its clients’ teams to understand the objectives and challenges and tailor solutions that align with the companies’ business goals. It uses its technologies to adapt, scale and evolve alongside these enterprises. “Merzigo is your partner for success in the digital content world,” explains Dogan Celik.

“Merzigo is Turkey’s leading YouTube and Facebook monetization partner, which, combined with our global presence, makes us the ideal partner for companies seeking success in the digital content landscape,” Dogan Celik adds.