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Lionsgate Reports Q4 Revenue Gains


Fourth-quarter revenues at Lionsgate rose by 17 percent to $1.1 billion, with increases in its motion picture and media networks segments.

Revenue from Lionsgate’s 18,000-title film and television library increased to a record $884 million for the trailing 12 months.  The independent studio reported a Q4 loss of $96.8 million, posting a $85.5 million restructuring charge for content impairment in the LIONSGATE+ territories.

Media networks revenues rose by 2.3 percent to $389 million, lifted by its streaming business. Segment profit more than doubled to $73.3 million. Total global OTT subscribers increased by 1.3 million, including a gain of 700,000 OTT subs at STARZ.

Motion picture and television production revenues were up 25 percent to $823.6 million, with a profit that was up 48 percent to $122.6 million. Motion picture revenues were $532.1 million, an 85 percent gain, while television production revenues slipped to $291.5 million

“I’m pleased to report that we ended the fiscal year with another strong quarter,” said Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer.  “Our content businesses performed well, our library again achieved record trailing 12-month revenue, and STARZ continues to be profitable while growing subscribers and executing successfully on its bundling and packaging strategy. We enter fiscal 24 with strong earnings momentum and all the elements in place for strong growth.”

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