London TV Screenings Spotlight: Lionsgate’s Agapy Kapouranis


Just as 2023 came to an end, Lionsgate closed its acquisition of Entertainment One (eOne), a deal that added 6,500 film and television titles to its already robust library. With it comes the addition of network procedurals such as The Rookie, which will now form one of three key content pillars that Lionsgate is focusing on, alongside engaging acquired dramas and premium IP. Agapy Kapouranis, Lionsgate’s president of international television and digital distribution, tells World Screen about the offering the company will be showcasing at the London TV Screenings and her views on what buyers are looking for.

WS: What are some of the new Lionsgate titles you and the teams are looking forward to showcasing?
KAPOURANIS: We’re excited to now offer network procedurals, including the hit eOne series The Rookie. We are also always looking to acquire interesting and compelling content for our clients, and we will be bringing the drama series Fake and Borderline to the London TV Screenings this year.

WS: What gives these titles their international appeal?
KAPOURANIS: Network procedurals have great appeal to audiences worldwide, and The Rookie, now entering its sixth season on ABC, has become a global success. Fake and Borderline feature elements of intrigue that will draw in audiences.

WS: What’s driving Lionsgate’s strategy for 2024?
KAPOURANIS: We’re focused on showcasing three key content pillars. Each category includes an eOne series that we’ve added to our robust library following our recent acquisition of the global content platform.

Network procedurals comprise our first category, and for our second, Fake and Borderline are excellent examples of the engaging drama series that we acquire for our clients. Third, we are consistently working on premium IP and will have the highly anticipated Spartacus: House of Ashur series, a reboot of one of STARZ’s biggest original hits, and the Emmy-nominated Yellowjackets on Showtime in the mix.

WS: What are you hearing from buyers that they’re looking for?
KAPOURANIS: Every year, buyers look for premium content driven by dynamic storylines, and that is exactly what we’re offering with our shows. We’re also seeing an increased demand for original series, given their ability to drive subscriptions.