Lionsgate & Nielsen in Measurement Pact for FAST


Lionsgate and Nielsen have entered into a partnership that brings traditional linear TV metrics to the FAST space.

MovieSphere by Lionsgate has become the first major FAST channel to be measured by Nielsen, reporting channel viewership in the same measurement used by traditional TV ad buyers. The channel is available on 18 streaming platforms, including Samsung, Roku and Pluto TV, and it will be available on nearly 20 platforms before the end of the year. MovieSphere will receive detailed demographic data on its audience, allowing them to better understand their viewers and make informed content decisions.

“By bringing proven linear TV metrics to the FAST space, Nielsen is providing us with a valuable and innovative tool to benchmark performance, evaluate what’s working and respond quickly to our audiences,” said Lionsgate’s president of worldwide television distribution, Jim Packer. “This is potentially a very significant development where our team can leverage viewer reach, duration, frequency, concentration and other audience indicators to help us shape our branded, general entertainment channels to better return value for our partners.”

“With more channels and choices than ever before, Nielsen is highly focused on innovating to ensure our measurement helps clients understand what and where people are watching,” said Amilcar Perez, chief revenue officer at Nielsen. “The FAST market is growing rapidly, demanding more solutions to understand how people are engaging with FAST channels. We’re pleased to collaborate with Lionsgate, a leader in the FAST market, to bring more clarity and efficiency to FAST players.”