Kanal D’s Yalan Tops May Wit List


Kanal D’s drama series Yalan (Lie) garnered the most followers on Instagram out of all the new series that made their debut in May, according to The WIT.

The Turkish drama amassed 23,000 followers after its May 27 premiere. It tells the story of a woman who survived 20 years in prison for the sake of her daughter. When she is finale released, she has to try to overcome all the injustice done to her. The series has a star-studded cast, featuring Aslıhan Güner (4.6 million followers), Eylül Tumbar (739,000) and Özge Borak (419,000).

Thailand Music Countdown, which bowed on Thailand’s Channel 3 on May 12, is an adaptation of the Korean music show M Countdown. It showcases the latest performances by the hottest T-pop stars. The show racked up 15,000 followers on Instagram, aided by the popularity of its host NuNew, who has 3.2 million followers of his own.

OMG Fashun, hosted by model Julia Fox and stylist Law Roach, known for his work with Zendaya, Anya Taylor-Joy, Céline Dion and more, picked up 12,000 followers to come in third place. In the E! competition, three contestants are challenged in each episode to create a boundary-breaking look using different materials and techniques. The winner receives a $10,000 cash prize gets their garment modeled by Fox. Fox and Roach each have 1.6 million followers of their own on Instagram.

The Italian talent series L’acchiappatalenti (The Talent Catcher) landed in fourth with 9,000 followers. Airing on Rai 1, it sees five celebrities become talent scouts and attempt to unearth budding artists with varied talents such as dancing, singing, magic and humor. It features a range of well-known celebrities as talent scouts, including actor and comedian Francesco Paolantoni (274,000 followers), singer and songwriter Sabrina Salerno (1.3 million), actor and TV personality Nino Frassica (300,000), record producer and TV personality Mara Maionchi (861,000) and ac tor, singer and TV presenter Teo Mammucari (326,000).

The South African adaptation of Netflix’s U.S. reality series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, known as The Ultimatum: South Africa, premiered on May 10 on Netflix. It features six couples at a crossroads in their relationship, which they either have to commit to or move on. The South African iteration is hosted by Salamina Mosese (291,000 followers) and Tshepo “Howza” Mosese (38,500), who helped boost the show’s following to 8,000.

Planeta 9, an Argentinean talk variety show that airs on El Nueve, took the sixth place spot with 7,000 followers. Presenter Edith Hermida, who has 345,000 followers, interviews a variety of guests. It also features musical segments.

With 5,000 followers, Azteca 1’s Tentados por la fortuna (Tempting Fortune) is a Mexican adaptation of the adventure reality competition Tempting Fortune. Six celebrities and six anonymous candidates think they will be spending a holiday in paradise but are instead put to the test in the wilderness of Turkey. It is hosted by actor, singer and former politician Sergio Mayer, who has 1.2 million followers.

Io Canto Family, a spin-off of the children’s singing contest Io Canto, debuted on Canale 5 in Italy and amassed 3,000 followers on Instagram. The spin-off sees children and one of their parents or grandparents sing Italian and international hit songs. The show’s popular is boosted by its host, TV presenter and former model Michelle Hunziker and her own 5.7 million followers.

Netflix’s Spanish YA series Ni Una Más (Raising Voices) has a star-studded cast, including Gabriel Guevara (6 million followers), Nicole Wallace (4.9 million) and Clara Galle (4.5 million). Adapted from the novel of the same name by Miguel Sáez Carral, it centers on a 17-year-old student who hangs a billboard saying, “Beware, a rapist is hiding inside,” on the façade of her school. The show acquired 3,000 followers of its own.

Rounding out the May Wit List, Netflix’s Geek Girl picked up 3,000 followers after its May 30 premiere. The English-Canadian YA series, adapted from the 2013 novel by Holly Smale, follows an awkward, neurodiverse teenager whose life is turned upside down when she is scouted to be a model. It stars Emily Carey (609,000 followers), Sarah Parish (104,000) and Alana Boden (44,600).

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