Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT Opens Pitch Sessions


Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT has launched its sixth edition this week at the Palacio de Congresos El Greco in Toledo, Spain.

An international forum dedicated to the co-production of scripted series for television between Europe and America, the event is also open to the entertainment genre for the first time. Over the next three days, the event will offer attendees a program with nearly 60 activities, including pitching sessions, panels, talks, workshops, keynotes and presentations. Spain is the country in focus during this sixth edition.

This year, Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT will award 14 individual awards to the winning projects of the five pitching categories: Copro Series (series and short-form series), High-End Series (high-budget projects), Docudrama Series (dramatized documentaries), Feelgood Formats (original entertainment formats with a “feel good” component) and Pitch Clips (call by ALMA-Spanish script writers guild).

The Pitch Copro Series projects are eligible for the following awards: RTVE Award (development contract), Acorde Award (license to use its music library for the first season), Spain Film Commission Award (€1,000 ($1,060) for the project that best showcases Spanish locations), VIS Storytellers Award (€10,000 ($10,600) for the best pitch), TV Drama Visión Award (invitation to pitch at TV Drama Vision at the Göteborg Festival), BAM Bogotá Award (invitation to pitch at BAM Bogotá), Wawa Award (membership and pitch at WBF) and SANFIC Industria Award (fast track for the SANFIC Industria Series Lab).

Pitch High-End Series projects are eligible for the RTVE Award, Spain Film Commission Award, VIS Storytellers Award, TV Drama Visión Award and BAM Bogotá Award.

Pitch Docudrama Series projects are eligible for the Acorde Award, Castilla-La Mancha Media Award (recording of a promotional clip of the project and promotion of the project on Castilla La-Mancha TV), Spain Film Commission Award and La Mancha Wines Award (weight of the winner in wine).

Pitch Feelgood Format projects are eligible for the Castilla-La Mancha Media Award, Spain Film Commission Award and Coca-Cola Award (winner’s stature in Coca-Cola).

Pitch Clips projects are eligible for the Alma Award (recognition for the best Pitch Clip by the ALMA guild), Triodos Bank Award (€3,000 ($3,200) to the Pitch Clip that best represents the value of creativity development promoted by Triodos Bank), Castilla-La Mancha Media Award, VIS Storytellers Award and Spain Film Commission Award.

At the 6th edition of Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT, BTF Media is presenting its initiative BTF Acceleration, which seeks to promote emerging talent, opening opportunities within the audiovisual industry, incubating creators and accelerating projects. The initiative, a part of BTF Corporate Venture Capital fund, will select five of the 31 projects presented in Conecta to become strategic allies while accompanying their realization. The maximum endowment provided for this fund is $500,000, which will be distributed among all the winning projects, on a case-by-case basis.

The 6th edition of Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT has the support of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha and the collaboration of Castilla-La Mancha Film Commission. Inside Content is in charge of designing and producing the event.