Cineverse Forges Partnership with Amagi for FAST Kit


Cineverse and Amagi have forged a partnership to jointly offer an end-to-end FAST kit for video service providers that covers monetization services, content acquisition and curation services.

They will offer a technology backend powered by Amagi’s SaaS solutions for FAST and Cineverse Matchpoint offerings. The FAST kit will enable video service providers to launch FAST with minimum effort and provide them with everything needed to get into the FAST business. Both Cineverse and Amagi will team up on sales and marketing of the services.

The joint FAST solution will be offered as a managed service beginning in January 2024.

“Partnering with Amagi presents a unique opportunity for both companies to create unparalleled value in the evolving FAST landscape,” said Tony Huidor, chief technology officer of Cineverse. “We’re setting new standards in service excellence, allowing our clients to benefit from our combined expertise. This isn’t just about technology; it’s about enabling meaningful viewer experiences.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Cineverse to bring this end-to-end FAST solution to market,” said Srinivasan KA, co-founder and chief revenue officer, of Amagi. “Cineverse’s expertise in content acquisition, editorial and their VOD suite of products is a perfect complement to our own, and together we are able to offer an unmatched solution that truly addresses the needs of FAST operators/platforms. The joint FAST Kit offering is the ideal solution for anybody looking to launch and scale a FAST service and generate new revenue streams without introducing new costs and resources. We are confident that this offering will revolutionize the way FAST services are launched and operated, and we are excited to partner with Cineverse to make it happen.”