CFC Awards $58 Million in Tax Credits for Five TV Projects


The California Film Commission (CFC) has awarded $58 million in tax credits to five television projects—one recurring show, a limited series and three new series—through its Film and Television Tax Credit Program.

These projects are expected to spend an estimated $386 million in California during their upcoming seasons, employing 1,196 crew members, 685 cast members and 15,869 background performers—measured in days worked. They will generate approximately 438 filming days across California.

“We are pleased to see these new projects taking advantage of California’s unparalleled resources and talent pool,” said Colleen Bell, director of the California Film Commission. “During the first half of 2024 alone, the Film and Television Tax Credit Program has attracted twelve new and one relocating television series to California, creating essential jobs for the industry and sustaining the livelihoods of thousands of cast and crew members. It’s a testament to our resilience and the critical role of film and television in our state’s economy.”

The roster includes 20th Television’s All’s Fair from executive producer Ryan Murphy. The project is expected to film a total of 97 days in California, including 10 filming days outside the Los Angeles area, hire over 400 cast and crew and spend close to $70 million in qualified expenditures.

“Ryan Murphy and I are thrilled to be able to shoot our upcoming legal drama All’s Fair in Los Angeles, with incredibly experienced local crew members, access to authentic and quintessential Los Angeles locations and utilizing top production facilities due to the California Film Commission’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program,” said showrunner and executive producer Jon Robin Baitz. “Walk onto a soundstage, and you understand instantly that hundreds of jobs are created and nurtured by keeping the work here, and even more families and lives thrive as a result. This credit is central to our industry and to California’s position as one of the largest economies in the world. And now more than ever, as the production landscape shifts, the importance of the program cannot be overstated.”

Faith Media Distribution’s Lot Patrol and the HBO original drama series Latitude are also part of the roster of new television series in the Film and Television Tax Credit Program.

“We are deeply grateful to the California Film Commission for their unwavering support and granting this tax credit,” said Faith Media Distribution’s CEO and executive producer, Manny Halley. “This initiative makes it possible for independent content creators like us to thrive. The program allows us to bring this comedic urban tale to life right here in California! It also fosters creativity and supports our local economy. Thank you for believing in our vision and helping us share laughter with the world.”