Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Survey: Consumers Abandoning Shows Due to Accessibility, Costs

Findings from a new survey highlight the increasing prevalence of “show dumping,” as viewers are giving up on series they love because it became too difficult and/or costly to access them. The findings are from a sponsored survey by TiVo of pay-TV and OTT service subscribers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The results show that 37 percent of global viewers have stopped watching a show they previously enjoyed because it became too difficult to access the content.

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U.K. Ad Spend Forecast Downgraded for 2016

In Carat's latest ad spend report, growth forecasts for the U.K. have been revised downward after the EU referendum, though a healthy 5.4 percent gain is expected in 2016, followed by 4.6 percent in 2017. The U.K. is still the number-one ranking advertising market in Western Europe and the fourth globally. Growth in the U.K. is primarily driven by the continued rise of digital, accounting for a 53.6 percent share of spend in 2016 and set to maintain pace in 2017, with an 11.5 percent increase.

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Content Discovery, Channel Volume Top of Mind for Pay-TV Subs

A new report from Digitalsmiths on pay-TV subscribers has found that many are overwhelmed with the volume of channels available and do not feel it's easy to find the content they want to watch. The company queried more than 3,000 people aged 18 and up in the U.S. and Canada if they plan to switch pay-TV providers in the next six months for the Q2 2016 Video Trends Report: 7.2 percent plan to cut their service, 7 percent plan to switch providers, 3.7 percent want to move to an online service or app and 31.8 percent are on the fence.

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Binge-Viewing Rising Sharply

According to new GfK MRI research, 57 percent of TV viewers report regular binge-viewing, up 12 percent in just ten months. Nearly six in ten TV viewers say they have regularly watched three or more episodes of the same show in one sitting, be it via streaming, DVR, VOD or TV marathons.

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Zenith: Mobile to Become Primary Platform for Online Video

According to Zenith’s Online Video Forecasts 2016 report, mobile devices will overtake "fixed devices" this year to become the main platform for viewing online video. The firm is forecasting that consumers will spend an average of 19.7 minutes a day viewing online videos on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), compared to 16 minutes on fixed devices (both desktop computers and smart TV sets).

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