Australian, U.K. Guilds Respond to SAG-AFTRA Strike


Screen Producers Australia (SPA) has acknowledged that a limited number of productions will be impacted by the SAG-AFTRA strike in the U.S., while Equity, the U.K. actors guild, has expressed solidarity with its sister U.S. union.

Some scripted TV shows and films filming in Australia will be affected by the strike that was called by SAG-AFTRA in the U.S. this week. Local scripted projects produced and controlled by Australian production companies will remain unaffected by the strike order if all cast members are engaged under Australian industry contracts in accordance with the Global Rule One Agreement between SAG-AFTRA and the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA).

Paul W. Fleming, general secretary of Equity, the U.K. actors guild, issued a statement expressing solidarity with SAG-AFTRA. “SAG-AFTRA’s claim to the producers contains many critical elements for performers on their agreements. The key elements of the claim are longstanding, shared fights for our unions—issues like pay and residual payments. But SAG-AFTRA, like Equity, is also bravely facing head-on existential questions on issues like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the rise in virtual auditions and self-tapes. Securing fairness in pay, terms and conditions is critical whether they be with traditional producers or new global streamers, and with new modes of making and distributing work to a global audience.”

Fleming said that Equity “stands full square behind our sister union in their claim, and the action their board have agreed to take. Equity too is experiencing bullish engagers attempting to undermine its collectively bargained agreements. SAG-AFTRA has our total solidarity in this fight.”