Anna Marsh Lined Up for MIPTV Keynote


Anna Marsh, CEO of STUDIOCANAL and deputy CEO of CANAL+ Group, has been added as part of the Media Mastermind strand at MIPTV.

Marsh will explore the changing dynamics of content strategies in a keynote speech at the 60th anniversary edition of MIPTV, taking place April 17 to 19. Speaking from the Debussy Theatre stage in the Palais des Festivals, Marsh will explore the increasing crossover between mediums and the opportunities for talent, storytelling and innovative commercial strategies that spring from these.

Marsh said: “As the European leader in film and series production and distribution, STUDIOCANAL has a responsibility to share its content with even wider and expanding international audiences. We have the strength, the means, and above all, the ambition to do so. More than ever in 2023, we are looking to diversify our content and create the successes of tomorrow by strengthening the significant synergies between our film and series activities. Many of the world’s best producers, directors and actors are part of STUDIOCANAL’s illustrious group of loyal talent, which, along with our wide-ranging broadcast and platform partners, enables us to tell entertaining and illuminating stories throughout the world.”

Lucy Smith, RX France’s entertainment division director and director of MIPTV,  said: “The current ecosystem is a fertile ground for fresh thinking. STUDIOCANAL have both film and TV at their heart and have consistently challenged the conventions around production and distribution models for each internationally. Anna is uniquely and ideally placed to help navigate the changing landscape and illustrate the opportunities within and between both.”