Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, Vevo, WBD Join Thinkbox


Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, Vevo and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) U.K. & Ireland have joined Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the U.K. in all its forms, as associate members.

As associate members, Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, Vevo and Warner Bros. Discovery will help fuel Thinkbox’s marketing activities on behalf of TV advertising, from its research program to the engagement with the media and marketing industry in the U.K.

Lindsey Clay, Thinkbox CEO, said: “This is a hugely positive way to start 2024. Commercial TV is growing and stronger together. We’re delighted that Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, Vevo and Warner Bros. Discovery have decided to join our mission and work with us to continue making the compelling case to businesses about why TV remains the most effective marketing investment they can make.”

Kelly Williams, managing director of commercial at ITV and Thinkbox chair, added: “TV has transformed in recent years, and nowhere has this been more evident than in streaming. All the commercial TV companies in the U.K. have been successfully developing streaming capabilities; it’s natural to welcome Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, Vevo and Warner Bros. Discovery on board. It means that Thinkbox better reflects today’s commercial TV, which now has even more high-quality, emotionally engaging advertising inventory. As commercial TV expands, so should the investment from brands.”

Phil Christer, managing director for the U.K. at Amazon ads, said: “Thoughtfully integrating advertising into streaming video offerings provides brands an opportunity to engage effectively with audiences. We look forward to working with Thinkbox to make TV even more compelling and relevant for advertisers as we continue to deliver premium experiences for viewers.”

Deborah Armstrong, U.K. country manager, general manager for networks and advertising EMEA at The Walt Disney Company, said: “Disney is a leader in quality storytelling for television audiences, and advertising has always been part of our DNA. As the industry evolves, we fully support collaboration and the development of consistent standards, so we are honored to join Thinkbox as they continue to do a brilliant job of reinforcing the unmatched benefits TV brings to advertisers.”

Warren Dias, managing director at Netflix advertising U.K., said: “As we continue to expand our ads offering and build our engaged audience, we are committed to innovation in the advertising industry. Our Thinkbox associate membership is one part of this. We look forward to collaborating with the Thinkbox team and all its members to help the industry innovate and prosper in a rapidly changing media environment.”

James Cornish, senior VP for international sales and partnerships at Vevo, said: “We are really pleased to join Thinkbox; they are an organization that upholds all the values we fully believe in when it comes to delivering a true TV experience. The timing is critical for Vevo as we continue to navigate the best ways to serve our viewers however they decide to enjoy our content on the big screen. Our business is built on our distribution of official content within premium environments, and we are committed to ensuring our music videos thrive across TV endpoints. We are excited to work with Thinkbox and their members for the betterment of the industry to protect and deliver the very best for advertisers and TV viewers alike.”

Katie Coteman, general VP for ad sales strategy and growth UK&I at Warner Bros. Discovery, said: “We recognize the importance of consistency in high advertising standards everywhere, and we are delighted to join Thinkbox as an associate member. We look forward to working with Thinkbox, their partners and our industry colleagues to continue to champion, evolve and innovate the power of TV for brands whilst always serving our viewers and subscribers.”