DNEG has rolled out DNEG IXP, a new division focused on immersive experiences.

Josh Mandel has been named managing director of the new arm, which delivers content in service of businesses, brands and game publishers looking to craft creative experiences across gaming, live events, theme parks, retail, product launches, location-based experiences and more.

Mandel brings more than 20 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry to his new role. He has notably collaborated with brands like Nike, adidas, Samsung, EA, Google, Beats by Dre, Apple and Activision.

“As we expand and fortify DNEG’s services on a global scale, this new division allows us to diversify our offering to complement our Hollywood partnerships and projects,” said DNEG CEO Namit Malhotra. “Ambitious businesses can now leverage DNEG’s Academy Award-winning talent and creative capabilities in order to fully realize and maximize the ways in which they connect with their audiences, whether on-stage, in-game, at a theme park, as part of a location-based experience or through state-of-the-art headsets.”

“It has never been more challenging for a business to create a resonant, emotional relationship with its key customers,” said Mandel. “An ever-fragmenting media landscape makes it harder than ever for a business to reach its audience in meaningful ways. Businesses need a partner that can help them decide what to make and how to make it; a partner that can provide breakthrough creative ideas, the technologies to craft them and the production nous to get them from concept to reality. This is where DNEG IXP comes in.”

“No-one knows the ambitions, desires and needs of a brand’s key audiences better than the brand itself,” continued Mandel. “Through DNEG IXP, brands can work directly with the entertainment industry’s most talented thinkers and makers to create immersive experiences across a range of media that resonate with and feed the passions of their most important audiences.”

“At DNEG, our overarching mission is to provide our partners with creative liberation through a potent combination of cutting-edge digital tools, artistic collaboration and financial acumen,” Malhotra added. “Josh has a wealth of experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands, building approaches around the vision of clients to support how they want to tell the story or shape the brand experience. DNEG IXP, under Josh’s leadership, brings to the fore yet another way in which DNEG is transforming the future of storytelling.”