ZEASN Acquires rlaxx TV


The AVOD and FAST streaming service rlaxx TV and the CTV solutions provider Foxxum have been acquired by ZEASN.

ZEASN is a leading provider of OTT and smart home tech solutions. Its acquisition of rlaxx TV and Foxxum creates a company with an installed base of 85 million connected TVs worldwide and an AVOD/FAST service accessible on 1.2 billion devices in 27 countries.

ZEASN’s Whale OS 3 operating system and Foxxum OS 4 will be merged for a new Whale OS 4, which ZEASN aims to have installed in 200 million devices within three to five years. The operating system uses AI-enabled algorithms, data tracking tools and personalized recommendations to curate content for individual preferences. Meanwhile, ZEASN’s Whale Live streaming service will be integrated with rlaxx TV, which will continue to operate under that brand name worldwide. All Foxxum and rlaxx TV executives will remain on board.

“We are delighted to welcome the talented teams from Foxxum and rlaxx TV to the global ZEASN family operating now in Europe, China, India and North America to serve our customers globally,” says Jason He, CEO of ZEASN. “Their expertise and market position, combined with our existing capabilities, will propel us to new heights in the CTV industry. Together, we will redefine the CTV landscape, offer a compelling alternative, and deliver world-class experiences for viewers. This is a significant step in preparing our company for a future IPO.”

“The combination of three strong companies will accelerate our strategy to form the leading independent player that our customers have long demanded,” says Ronny Lutzi, CEO of Foxxum and rlaxx TV. “From day one, we are poised to swiftly outpace other independent players, surpassing them not merely in sheer installation numbers, but also through our industry expertise.With solid support from the global TV supply chain, we aim to position ourselves at eye level with industry giants like Google TV and Roku. I am extremely excited to merge our efforts with ZEASN. It feels like two parties have found the perfect match.”