Video Interview: ZDF Studios’ Dr. Markus Schäfer

Since taking over as president and CEO of ZDF Studios in July 2022, Dr. Markus Schäfer has been driving integration within the company and with its shareholder, ZDF. “We wanted to become an even better business, which provides even more value to our partners—going along with our claim: Inspire. Create. Produce. Distribute,” he says.


And the benefits have been plentiful, including driving greater mutual understanding on both sides: ZDF Studios can better recognize ZDF’s program needs and service needs, and ZDF can better understand ZDF Studios’ strengths and abilities, “resulting in better programs and better service.” The integration also increases the level of transparency, shared knowledge and joint activities.

With its strong programming slate and ambitious goals for the year ahead, having the right team in place has been paramount to ZDF Studios’ success. “Talent is the scarce resource in our industry,” Schäfer says, touting the company’s culture of appreciation and respect as one of the many assets that make it an attractive employer.