Report: 45 Million Viewers Per Month Watch Original Professional Online Videos


NEW YORK: A new research study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has found that original professional online video (OPOV) garners the attention of 45 million U.S. viewers per month.

The study, released in the 45 Million Reasons and Counting to Check Out the NewFronts, was conducted in partnership with GfK. The results find that original professional online video is hitting its stride when compared to traditional TV. The receptivity to marketing messages during OPOV was on par with consumer ad receptiveness while watching prime-time programming on a regular TV set. Those surveyed who watch both prime-time TV and OPOV cite viewing new, unique content and flexible screening times as preferable aspects of OPOV compared to prime-time TV watching.

“Consumers are rapidly turning to digital video for entertainment, news and information, and advertiser demand to reach this growing audience is expanding in kind,” said Randall Rothenberg, the president and CEO of IAB. “The wealth of original professional digital programming being presented at the Digital Content NewFronts is evidence of the public’s hunger for new, compelling content available online. It is a watershed moment. And, this study provides valuable insights that can help marketers take advantage of this momentum, and effectively tap into the evolution of the digital video platform as a central hub for must-watch original programming.”