MIPCOM Spotlight: Alfred Haber Distribution


The highlights from the Alfred Haber Distribution catalog hit on various “sweet spots” that the industry is looking for, according to Alfred Haber, the company’s president.

Shallow Grave, the gripping new Crime+Investigation UK series, lands right in the sweet spot of the enormously popular true-crime genre, mixing emotionally compelling stories with incredible forensic science,” Haber says. “Help! My House is Haunted, a spine-tingling reality series, likewise lands in another red-hot sweet spot: the paranormal-investigation genre.”

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards “will once again create its own sweet spot with a dazzling combination of performances, awards and once-in-a-lifetime Grammy moments,” he says. “What sweet spot could be sweeter in today’s television marketplace than this show in the enormously popular live, annual-event genre.”

Haber adds, “We are looking forward to lots of meetings, traditional and new-media transmission opportunities and, of course, sweet spots to share with content-acquisition clients in our Palais candy store.”