Silverlining Sends Car Crash Global: Caught on Camera Abroad


LONDON: Silverlining Rights is distributing ITN Productions’ clip show Car Crash Global: Caught on Camera internationally and has placed the series in Australia and Poland.

Silverlining Rights currently represents 19 hours of the franchise, including eight hour-long episodes of Car Crash Global, made for ITV4, and 11 chapters of Caught on Camera, made for ITV1. The Caught on Camera programs are ITN Productions’ most widely sold format, having been placed in eight territories around the world so far. In addition to Australia and Poland, the show has also sold into New Zealand, Norway, Ulster (Ireland), the Netherlands and Denmark.

Car Crash Global: Caught on Camera features footage of car accidents from around the world, including the U.S., Australia, Russia and beyond. A large part of the user-generated content is sourced through a partnership with Newsflare, a platform that provides viral news stories and video to media.

Ian Rumsey, executive producer on the show, commented, “The huge increase in dashcam sales has led to a change in the way we see life on the road. It’s compelling because it’s raw and real—showing dramatic action as it happens, filmed by the people involved. We have been delighted to partner with Newsflare, which has enabled us to find and show such a fantastic array of content.”

Newsflare’s commercial director, Bevan Thomas, said, “It was fantastic to partner with ITN Productions, one of the U.K.’s leading production companies, to make this amazing new high-adrenaline show. Newsflare’s archive of compelling recent user-generated video has grown dramatically in the last 12 months, putting us in [the] unique position to work with leading production companies on these types of high-volume clip shows that we know audiences love.”

James Ogglesby, joint managing director of Silverlining, added, “The whole clip-show genre is becoming more popular with channels around the world and Car Crash Global is well-placed to attract more interest from channels around the world.”