Channel 5 to Air Doc on 1980s Predator The Fox


ITN Productions’ feature-length documentary The Intruder: He’s Watching You From Within is set to air on Channel 5 this month.

The two-hour doc details the pursuit of a sadistic predator known as “The Fox” who terrorized the towns and villages across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire—which became known as the “Triangle of Terror.” The story is told by the detectives who ultimately snared the man responsible, Malcolm Fairley.

“This was one of the last big police manhunts before the introduction of DNA analysis,” said Chris Hackett, series producer/director for ITN Productions. “Officers were relying on old-fashioned detective work—boots on the ground, human intelligence, witnesses and fingerprints. We wanted to tell the story of the police officers desperate to find this man while also fearing for their own families.”

Dan Louw, commissioning editor at Channel 5, said, “There’s something primal about our fear that there’s someone lurking in our homes, in our place of safety. This film is a real-life horror movie and a tribute to the brave victims who survived Fairley’s terror and the diligent cops who beat the odds to track him down.”

The Intruder: He’s Watching You From Within airs on Channel 5 on April 8 at 10 p.m.