Nat Geo’s Animals Up Close Premiering on Disney+


Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory, a new six-part National Geographic series from Wildstar Films, is slated to stream exclusively on Disney+ beginning September 13.

The eponymous explorer and cinematographer sets out with drones, gimbal-mounted cameras and underwater technology to follow individual animals for weeks at a time, capturing their daily battles in Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Botswana, Patagonia, Indonesia and the Central African Republic.

The series includes rare moments such as humpback whales purposely disrupting the hunt of an endangered pod of B1 killer whales in Antarctica and a male sea lion defending pups from a large Galapagos shark.

The six episodes are titled “Patagonia Puma,” “Antarctic Killer Whales,” “Botswana Wild Dogs,” “Galapagos Marvels,” “Elephant Quest” and “Devil Ray Islands.”

Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory is produced by Wildstar Films for National Geographic. In addition to being the host and director of photography, Gregory is also co-producer. For Wildstar, the executive producer is Anwar Manon and the series producer is Jennie Hammond. Will West, Maddie Close, Spencer Millsap, Mark McClean and James Brickell produce and direct across the series.