Nat Geo Unveils Renewals, New Titles & More


National Geographic has revealed a raft of renewals, new series and specials, a new documentary film and more at its Television Critics Association press tour, including another order for Limitless.

The popular series with Chris Hemsworth has been greenlit for a second season. Limitless follows the star as he unearths secrets to transforming our lives and unlocking our full potential.

“Working on Limitless was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to reflect on my strengths, vulnerabilities and all the ways in which we as humans can plan toward longevity,” said Hemsworth. “For this next season, we are attempting to raise the bar and go even deeper in this exploration alongside health and wellness experts from around the globe.”

“Millions of viewers around the world were inspired and wowed by the combination of science, endeavor and the incredibly committed Chris Hemsworth in the first season, so it’s with huge pride that we announce its return,” said Tom McDonald, executive VP for global factual and unscripted content at National Geographic. “This new season will have the scale, the drama and the challenges you’d expect from Limitless, but we’ve also got some big and exciting surprises in store for the audience and for Chris himself.”

A Real Bug’s Life has also been renewed. Narrated by award-winning actress Awkwafina and produced by Plimsoll Productions, the series will take viewers on five new and exciting trips around the world to get up close and personal with insects.

New episodes include “Love in the Forest,” “Life’s a Beach,” “Tiny Heroes Down Under,” “Once a Pond a Time” and “The Making of … a Fly on the Wall.”

Nat Geo is also examining the cultural true-crime obsession, ordering Pathological: Chasing a True-Crime Con Man.

“True crime, a massive industry with a dedicated fandom and murky ethical lines, is put under the microscope in Pathological. National Geographic seeks to expose the truth behind the lies and deceit of this fascinating story,” said McDonald. “Using new access coupled with Left/Right’s dedication to groundbreaking storytelling and The New Yorker’s reporting prowess, this is a compelling, entertaining story that we hope sparks commentary on the ethics of true crime.”

Nat Geo has also greenlit the next installment of the Shark Beach franchise. Featuring award-winning actor Anthony Mackie, the series uncovers the delicate dance between humans, ecosystems and sharks.

“Anthony Mackie absolutely blew our minds with his enthusiasm and curiosity throughout the filming of this new installment of SHARK BEACH,” said Janet Han Vissering, senior VP of development and production for National Geographic. “We’re so honored to be able to work with him and Nutopia on a passion project that brings him back home and underscores the importance of maintaining balance with nature so that humans and animals can continue to coexist on this beautiful planet.”

National Geographic Documentary Films has also greenlit the feature documentary Sally (w.t.). Directed by Cristina Costantini and made in partnership with production company Story Syndicate in association with Muck Media, the film will capture the life and legacy of the groundbreaking astronaut Dr. Sally Ride.

Carolyn Bernstein, executive VP of scripted content and documentary films for National Geographic.“Cristina Costantini is the perfect filmmaker to tell Sally Ride’s story. Her passion for science and film and dedication to women’s equality bring depth and ethos to the project. We are thrilled to collaborate with her, Story Syndicate and Muck Media once again on this momentous project. Sally Ride was a bold pioneer whose legacy continues to inspire new generations of astronauts, scientists and dreamers. This documentary will be a tribute to her accomplishments and a testament to the importance of diversity and inclusion in scientific exploration.”

Costantini added, “Sally was a powerful symbol to me as a kid—so much so that I painted a life-sized mural of her on the exterior of my elementary school in third grade. I thought, ‘If Sally, a woman, can go to space, what can’t I do?’

“Our society was not ready to celebrate Sally Ride for all of who she was when she broke the stratospheric glass ceiling back in 1983. It’s a great privilege to be able to tell her whole story today—who she really was, what she accomplished, and who she chose to love. I have the utmost gratitude to National Geographic Documentaries Films for supporting our vision. I couldn’t think of a better partner.”

“I’m thrilled and honored to help tell the deeply resonant story of this extraordinary trailblazer, who has been a hero for young girls for generations, but nobody has told her full story until now,” said Dan Cogan, producer. “This film has been a dream since the moment we started it. Getting to work with Carolyn again and getting to know Cristina, Tam and Lauren has been such a joy.”

Trailers have also been released for Queens, narrated by Angela Bassett; Secrets of the Octopus, with Paul Rudd revealed as narrator; and the six-part Photographer.