ChaiFlicks to Launch Birth of a Conflict


ChaiFlicks is rolling out the three-part documentary series Birth of a Conflict this month.

The docuseries, acquired from Mediawan Rights, takes a look at interviews and footage dating back to the British Mandate for Palestine.

Birth of a Conflict, which is written, directed and produced by Yaron Niski, first aired on the Israeli public broadcaster KAN 11.

“Given what transpired on October 7 in Israel and the ongoing war in the region, this groundbreaking documentary series could not be more relevant to our subscribers across the globe right now,” said Neil Friedman and Bill Weiner, ChaiFlicks co-founders. “Yaron Niski and his production team did a masterful job with Birth of a Conflict, uncovering never-before-seen interviews and footage that sheds a light on the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that had never been shared with the world before.”