Video Interview: A Real Bug’s Life’s Bill Markham & Nathan Small

In 1998, Disney and Pixar’s A Bug’s Life gave kids a look into the imagined lives of animated insects. Now, 26 years on, National Geographic’s A Real Bug’s Life aims to give viewers of all ages a glimpse into the very real lives of the bugs that inhabit every corner of the world around us. As the series portrays the lengths the tiny creatures must go to in order to survive each day, Awkwafina provides comedic narration, voicing the imagined thoughts the little critters might be having.

Bill Markham, series producer, and Nathan Small, director of photography, talk to TV Real Weekly about how the docuseries portrays insects in a different light and the narrative and technological techniques used to do so.


Viewers will be able to watch the docuseries and learn more about the insects around them when it bows on Disney+ on January 24.