CNN Films Acquires The Hunt for Planet B


CNN Films has picked up the domestic rights to The Hunt for Planet B, a documentary directed by Academy Award nominee Nathaniel Kahn, for broadcast on CNN.

Produced by Kahn and Bonnie Hlinomaz, in association with Crazy Boat Pictures, the film follows scientists as they build and plan for the December launch of NASA’s Webb Space Telescope. The machine will be able to see more than 13 billion light-years into deep space, toward the first stars and galaxies in the universe, and will yield new data into the search for possible signs of life on planets outside of our solar system.

The Hunt for Planet B will premiere on CNN on November 20. The documentary will introduce viewers to the engineers, astronomers and other researchers involved in the mission through cinema verité interviews and footage of their work and lives.

Khan said: “Since the beginning of time, we have wondered if we are alone in the universe. To be able to document the building of a machine that takes a giant step toward answering this question, and to get to know people who are dedicating their lives to this search, has been a high point of my career. This mission demonstrates that by working together, we can solve even the most complex problems that face us on this planet.”

Amy Entelis, executive VP for talent and content development for CNN Worldwide, said: “Nathaniel and his team have crafted a film that prepares the viewer for one of the most thrilling and ambitious space adventures of our lifetime. The film reminds us of what can be accomplished when human curiosity harnesses the power of science to deepen our understanding of our planet and what’s beyond.”