A+E Networks EMEA Commissions #Dead2Me


A+E Networks EMEA has commissioned FirstLookTV to produce the ten-part docuseries #Dead2Me for Crime+Investigation.

#Dead2Me will explore the stories of ten couples from Britain whose relationships were borne out of the digital age and ended in tragedy. Each case will feature a running commentary provided by their digital dialogue, testimony from their friends and families and interviews with investigators, psychologists and digital experts to piece together how and why each crime occurred.

Will Hanrahan is executive producing for FirstLookTV, while Graham Smiles is series producing. Line producers are Claire Thomas and Lina Hashweh.

Dan Korn, VP of programming at A+E Networks EMEA, said: “Understanding how relationships can be distorted and misrepresented via social media is one of the most significant and disturbing crime phenomena facing modern British society. We’re proud to partner with FirstLookTV to tell the stories of those who deserve to be heard.”

Hanrahan added: “The most dangerous person in your life is often the person you are dating. It’s a threat we believe is too often overlooked by police forces and local care services. We’ve worked with campaign groups and charities to highlight the red flags we should all be aware of, and we are honored to be working with our longest broadcast colleague for true crime, Crime+Investigation.”