DISCOP & ONGEA! Africa Launch DISCORE Panel at Kalasha


DISCOP and ONGEA! Africa are presenting a new sidebar program, DISCORE, which will launch as a panel discussion at the Kalasha International TV & Film Market.

DISCORE is designed as a knowledge-transfer and matchmaking program. Ahead of the first full DISCORE program, which will be held at DISCOP Abidjan in May and then again at DISCOP Zanzibar in July, DISCOP and ONGEA! Africa will present the panel discussion “Opportunities for Music from Africa in Film & Television – A DISCORE Perspective,” at the Kalasha International TV & Film Market on March 28 at 9 a.m.

Panelists for this session include Appie Matere, executive producer at Zamaradi Productions; Tim ‘Timwork’ Rimbui, composer, music producer and owner-director at Ennovator Music; and Likarion Wainaina, the director of the new Kenyan film Supa Modo. It will be moderated by Mike Strano, the founding director of PHAT! Music & Entertainment.