DISCOP to Launch Music-Driven B2B Event


DISCOP is unveiling DISCORE, a new business-to-business program intended to bring the world of music production closer to the African editions of the DISCOP film, television and digital content markets.

DISCORE will be launched at DISCOP Johannesburg, which will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre from October 25 to 27. DISCORE will kick off at Côte d’Ivoire during the next Abidjan edition of DISCOP, which will be held May 29 to 31. DISCORE will be co-organized with Nairobi-based PHAT! Music & Entertainment, under its social enterprise arm, ONGEA! Africa. The new event is designed as a knowledge-transfer and matchmaking program that will specifically target African-based creative, production and technical experts from within the pan-African music industry.

From 2018, all DISCOP Africa markets will include a full-day DISCORE program that will provide participants with information and tools, along with access to networking opportunities and meetings. DISCORE will take place three times in 2018 and four times a year at the four African DISCOP markets from 2019: Nigeria (March), Abidjan (May), Zanzibar (July) and South Africa (October).

“The conflation of the music, film, television and digital content industries continues at a rapid pace as storytelling recipes change to adapt to the commercial imperatives of an increasing global market for diversified content,” said Patrick Zuchowicki, the general manager of DISCOP.

ONGEA! Africa’s founding director, Mike Strano, commented, “It is clear that within this global context, the time is right for African music creators and producers to stake their claim, as the demand for more original scores, and particularly for African sounds, is rising fast.”