DISCOP Africa Opens in Johannesburg


JOHANNESBURG: The 11th edition of DISCOP Africa kicked off today in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre, which is set to welcome upwards of 2,000 attendees over the next few days.

Patrick Zuchowicki, the CEO of event organizer Basic Lead and the founder of the DISCOP markets, told World Screen Newsflash that he is pleased with how the Africa-based markets have expanded this year. “If we look at the two events this year, between this market in Johannesburg and the one we had in Abidjan, altogether we will probably be welcoming around 3,000 professionals,” he said. “We had about 700 in Abidjan, and we are expecting around 2,300 people here.”

Zuchowicki said that the growth is a “reflection of the state of the African marketplace; we are following the curve. We see that there are more and more independent producers and more and more desire to work together between African countries.”

There are many pavilions representing various African countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya and Nigeria, as well as national delegations from China, France, Canada, Russia, Turkey and more.

“One thing we are very happy about this year is that we have a strong contingent of independent producers from Africa,” Zuchowicki said, noting that there are around 700 in attendance.

“We have two floors, and one floor is specifically dedicated for the independent producers. There are pitching theaters, workshops and so forth, so there are a lot of new opportunities for the industry this year.”