DISCOP Africa Shines a Spotlight on China


JOHANNESBURG: DISCOP Africa put China in the spotlight during a special showcase that highlighted the partnership opportunities between the two territories.

The China Showcase was sponsored by the International Cooperation Department of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, People’s Republic of China, and undertaken by China International Television Corporation and China Radio, Film and Television Exchange Center. The showcase was held in Johannesburg yesterday in the presence of leaders of the State Council of Information Office, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, People’s Republic of China, and representatives of related media organizations.

“We are very honored to welcome China as our guest country this year, and we are very proud to also welcome a 162-person-strong delegation, which makes China our second most well-represented country at DISCOP Africa, after South Africa,” Patrick Zuchowicki, the CEO of event organizer Basic Lead and the founder of the DISCOP markets, told attendees.

“This is, for the DISCOP organization, a great milestone; as organizer of the DISCOP markets, we have been welcoming companies from China for over ten years in Budapest and Istanbul and now in Johannesburg. For us, it’s a great privilege and a great honor.”

During the Showcase, 11 enterprises and companies from China and Africa signed a number of cooperation agreements: the Program License Agreement on China Program Show Week between China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center TV and M-NET of South Africa; the Memorandum of Cooperation Framework Agreement between China Intercontinental Communication Center and ETV of South Africa; the Cooperation Agreement on Yorubas Channel between China Startimes Corporation and Nigeria TV4 Africa; the Cooperation Agreement of African channels of Video Transmission between China’s CCTV News Content Co. and the Ivory Coast National Television Station RTI; and the Strategy Agreement on Channel Cooperation between Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and French Globalcast Company.