Baboon Animation Partners with African Animation Network


Baboon Animation has set up Baboon Animation Africa (BAA) in partnership with African Animation Network (AAN).

The aim is to build “a new animation business paradigm” rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion, helping underrepresented series creators launch their careers in the African animation industry.

Baboon and AAN plan to attract top talent through initiatives such as The Great Big African Animation Pitch competition, slated for early 2022.

“We are building on the success of our new WarnerMedia show, Garbage Boy and Trash Can,” said Mike de Seve, president of Baboon Animation. “Real ownership by African creators is our goal, and we have the relationships to do it. AAN pioneered this approach through their social impact goals, and together we are expanding. We have five more game-changing initiatives to announce in the next six months. We are developing raw talent and shows in an equitable and responsible way that keeps creators in the driver’s seat.”

“Baboon is a perfect creative partner for this enterprise,” added Wilson. “We have relationships with the biggest comedy stars and animation talent in Africa. The word is out that we are the go-to people if you have a show. We are the first ones producing African shows in Africa for a global media company.”