VIP 2000 TV Ties Up with 7A Media for Distribution


MIAMI: A newly signed distribution agreement will see 7A Media manage the global sales for VIP 2000 TV outside of the Americas.

VIP 2000 TV has launched such projects as the drama series Escandalos (Scandals) and the comedy Tomame o Dejame (Take Me or Leave Me), which features both scripted episodes and a complementary non-scripted talk show. This year, the company is planning to release a religion-themed scripted series titled Proof of Faith, which is being produced entirely in 4K.

VIP 2000 TV’s Roxana Rotundo commented: “Cesar is a well known professional in our industry and that was a very important quality for us in having him handle sales. Our industry is growing in complexity and its an advantage to work with business colleagues and friends whom you can trust and rely on. Cesar and I have known each other for many years and we have always shared a mutual respect for the work and achievements in our careers.”

7A Media’s Cesar Diaz said: “I am very happy to sign this alliance with Roxana. Everyone in the Spanish-speaking industry recognizes the work and labor that VIP 2000 TV has shown for so many years. Throughout the industry’s up and downs Roxana has been a dedicated professional and has constantly managed to excel.”

He continued: “I believe that at this year’s NATPE many not only enjoyed VIP 2000’s pre-NATPE party but they also experienced a new and robust company with a solid lineup of wholly owned productions and third-party content available for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.”