Pluto TV Launches First Pop-Up Channel in LatAm


Pluto TV Latin America has unveiled Estrellas de acción, its first pop-up channel for action movies starring iconic stars.

The new channel will be available on Pluto TV live streaming and on-demand sections through June 10. Estrellas de acción will include action movies from Paramount, Polar, Kinpil, CDC and Beverly Hills, dubbed in Spanish. Among the featured titles are Street Wars, Blood Alley, The Transporter 3, Blitz, Rambo 4, The Running Man, Conan The Barbarian, Wake of Death, Derailed, Dragon Blade, The Myth and The Warlords.

The Estrellas de acción pop-up channel will also offer special marathons featuring the movies of iconic action stars, including Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Van Damme and Jason Statham. Further, in May, Pluto TV Latin America will celebrate special holidays (Leprechaun World Day, Teachers’ Day in Mexico, etc.) with movies and series marathons.