DISCOP Johannesburg Spotlight: Record TV


Record TV is headed to DISCOP Johannesburg with a slate of titles rooted in biblical tales.

This includes Moses and the Ten Commandments, which features the story of Moses. The Promised Land, meanwhile, centers on Joshua, who becomes the leader of the Hebrews after Moses’s death. The soap opera follows Joshua as he tries to fulfill a difficult mission ordered by God: to command the 12 tribes of Israel in their conquest of Canaan, the promised land.

Another Record TV highlight is The Slave Mother, charting the life of a light-skinned slave girl. Delmar Andrade, the company’s international sales director, says that these titles have the “ability to speak a worldwide language, with love, passion, action and all the [elements of] a good soap opera.”

Andrade adds, “Latin soap operas have seen positive results around the world.”