ATF Spotlight: Record TV


Record TV has seen success in many markets with its slate of programs rooted in biblical stories and is looking to continue this success with further sales at ATF.

This includes The Rich and Lazarus, The Promised Land and Moses and the Ten Commandments. Its latest offering is Jesus. Delmar Andrade, the company’s international sales director, says that the soap opera tells Jesus’s story with “a wealth of details” that haven’t been presented in previous productions. The story begins even before Jesus was born, with Mary and Joseph in rural Nazareth. It goes on to follow the clashes between good and evil that Jesus faces through to his crucifixion and resurrection.

“We hope that Jesus generates much more success than Moses and the Ten Commandments has,” Andrade says. “Jesus has been a worldwide success since its debut.”

He adds that Record TV has two projects of a biblical nature coming in 2019.