DISCOP Istanbul Spotlight: Caracol Internacional


ISTANBUL: The White Slave, a Caracol Internacional highlight for DISCOP Istanbul, tells the story of a woman raised by slaves after the murder of her family.

The 4K series weaves a plot “about slavery and colonialism, something that represents a part of [Colombian] history that nobody should ever forget,” says Berta Orozco, Caracol’s sales executive for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the telenovela River of Passions chronicles a young man who decides to capture a drug lord in order to collect a bounty. Also being offered at DISCOP Istanbul is Tariqi, the Arabic adaptation of Caracol’s The Voice of Freedom.

“DISCOP Istanbul is a very remarkable market for Caracol, since we are able to meet [existing] clients and make new ones from Turkey, the Middle East and Eastern Europe,” says Orozco.