MIPCOM Spotlight: Mondo TV Group


The environmentally-themed MeteoHeroes leads Mondo TV Group’s MIPCOM slate.

Addressing issues such as climate change and respect for nature through the adventures of six children—each of whom can control a weather phenomenon—the series helps young ones understand how they can help the planet.

In Monster Loving Maniacs, three kids are trained as monster hunters by their grandfather. Despite what they are told, the children save the monsters they are supposed to hunt. Agent 203 follows Zoe, a girl who, after finding out her dad used to be an intergalactic agent, decides to follow in his footsteps. Monster Loving Maniacs and Agent 203 are “aimed at audiences aged 6 and above and co-produced and co-distributed with Toon2Tango,” and coming to screens soon, says Luana Perrero, head of content sales.

“We can hardly wait to bring these great new productions to young audiences everywhere,” adds Perrero.