MIPCOM Spotlight: Rainbow S.p.A.


Gormiti, a long-standing franchise, has been reinvented into Gormiti: The New Era, a brand-new live-action series on offer from Rainbow.

More featured titles include Mermaids: Magic of the Deep and the second season of Pinocchio and Friends.

Mermaids: Magic of the Deep, a CGI fantasy adventure, follows a mermaid princess with budding magical powers as she battles evil forces that seek to destroy the world. Ultimately, the power of female friendship and the loving bond of family are the most formidable forces of all.

Pinocchio and Friends “is ready to come back with a second season full of surprises,” says Andrea Graciotti, head of sales for TV and VOD rights. After a rescue mission on the seven seas, the familiar puppet drags his friends into adventures full of twists and turns.

“The goal remains to cover every segment of the entertainment industry, from the preschool target to kids to whole families,” adds Graciotti.