MIPCOM Spotlight: Wonderworld.fun


Seasons one and two of Secret Agent Jack Stalwart, on offer from Wonderworld.fun, are based on the chapter book series of the same name.

Jack Stalwart is a spirited, inexperienced but brave 9-year-old secret agent who travels the world solving mysteries and righting wrongs, all while searching for his missing brother—and fellow secret agent—Max.

Season one of the action comedy Walk off the Earth in Space! is also featured, telling the tale of the human band Walk off the Earth, featuring original songs by them. “The international appeal for these two shows is attributed, we believe, to their uniqueness, and we hope that global buyers will see this as an opportunity to fill the gap in their content,” says Emilie Pasquet, VP of distribution and co-production.

“We are actively seeking new business opportunities and collaborations,” states Pasquet.