MIPCOM Spotlight: Studio 100 Media


The second season of Vegesaurs is featured in Studio 100 Media’s MIPCOM slate.

Each mini-adventure in every episode is driven by the Tricarrotops Ginger and her friends the baby Pea-Rexes. The series, targeting 4- to 7-year-olds, “is a fresh and unique take on the dinosaur genre with admirable characters you can only find in this show,” says Dorian Bühr, head of global distribution.

The second season of 100% Wolf, subtitled The Book of Hath, is also featured. When the werewolves are threatened, the fluffy pink were-poodle Freddy must lead his friends through another series of adventures and prove, once again, that he is 100 percent wolf.

FriendZSpace, targeted at children aged 5 to 9, follows three best friends who embark on unique and tricky missions to make connections with alien kids.

“We are recognized around the world for best-in-class programs,” states Bühr.