Cheeky Little Media Begins Production on Vegesaurs Season Three


Cheeky Little Media has begun production on the third season of its flagship Unreal show Vegesaurs and is now using Unreal Engine 5 as its animation tool of choice.

The scale and scope of Vegesaurs has continued to grow with each season, encompassing snow, water, changing seasons and an expanding lineup of Vegesaurs that populate the world. Cheeky Little Media is working to expand its capacity for animation production in Unreal by creating a pilot program for training new Unreal artists for long-form animation.

The pilot program is made possible through significant funding from Screen Australia. Cheeky Little Media is also a recipient of an Epic MegaGrant.

Cheeky Little Media initially experimented with the Unreal engine as a preproduction tool for storyboarding and layout, and it was in the first season of Vegesaurs that it integrated the technology into its full production pipeline.

“Our leap into Unreal for Vegesaurs season one felt risky at the time, but the creative pay-offs have been huge,” said Patrick Egerton, executive producer and co-founder at Cheeky Little. “The new talent coming through our training program, the speed at which we’re innovating and how instantly this translates into higher and higher production value on screen is astonishing.”

Regarding the pilot program, Liam O’Leary, Cheeky’s technical director, said, “Thanks to Epic and Screen Australia’s support, I have had the privilege of sharing our studio processes and knowledge with some incredible individuals. This program has proven to be a mutually enriching experience and I am looking forward to seeing what innovative endeavors Cheeky’s Unreal team tackles next.”