Studio 100 Media Rebrands


Studio 100 Media is rebranding to Studio 100 International, reflecting its expanding role as the international distribution entity of the Studio 100 Group.

The company has a redesigned logo symbolizing Studio 100 International’s commitment to innovation and creativity. The company is also launching its new website, providing access to its portfolio of popular brands and productions.

Martin Krieger, CEO of Studio 100 International, said: “The transition to Studio 100 International marks a significant milestone in our journey and reflects our ambitions to consolidate the company’s position among the leading players in the media industry.”

With Studio Isar Animation, Studio 100 International owns a state-of-the-art animation production studio in Munich. Studio 100 International also has a track record in financial engineering for both its own and third-party films and series. Recently, the company forged strategic partnerships with 3 Doubles Producciones and Gaumont Animation and collaborates with industry leaders to produce and distribute content globally.