Studio 100 International Partners for Dougie Dolittle


Studio 100 International has partnered with Caligari Film, Studio Isar Animation and 3 Doubles Producciones for the new CGI movie Dougie Dolittle.

The 80-minute film, aimed at kids ages 8 to 12 and a family audience, will introduce Dougie, the grandson of the famous Doctor Dolittle, who happens to have an animal phobia. When he discovers he can communicate with animals, he learns to embrace his fears and use his talent to help them.

The project comes from a creative team that includes producers Gabriele M. Walther (Caligari Film) and Thorsten Wegener (Studio 100 International). It features the artistic visions of art directors Luis Guggenberger (Captain Marvel, Bumblebee, Red Notice) and Thomas van Kummant (Lilly the Witch, Ant-Man). Writer Mark Slater (Princess Lillifee, Knight Rusty, Coconut the Little Dragon) is working with script consultant Philip LaZebnik (The Prince of Egypt, Pocahontas, Mulan). Regina Welker (Latte and the Magic Waterstone) is directing.

Dougie Dolittle is set for delivery in Q4 of 2026. Studio 100 Film is handling global sales.

Dougie Dolittle is a fresh new take on the theme of communication with animals,” said Walther. “The main character Dougie has inherited this special gift genetically from his grandfather, the famous Doctor Dolittle. In this way, we create a link to a well-known character, but tell the story in a new and modern way for a younger audience.”

“We are genuinely excited to introduce Dougie Dolittle at Cannes’ Marché du Film,” added Wegener. “This film represents another significant step in our ongoing mission to create captivating, family-friendly content that resonates with global audiences. We believe Dougie’s journey, a tale of coming of age, finding your place in life and your relationship with the environment, will inspire and entertain viewers of all ages.”